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‘Get A Grip Everyone’ And Get On With It

Welcome to my June Post. The General Election result has come as a huge shock to many of us, not least Theresa May and her team! Pundits, experts, and polls had been predicting a comfortable victory for the Tory party giving them a substantial majority in the house and enabling them to negotiate a strong Brexit deal for the country.

Just like the Brexit vote and Donald Trump being elected the General Election result was a huge surprise causing uncertainty and concern throughout the UK. Calls for a new election and for the Prime Minister to resign have gathered momentum and have loudly resonated around the country – but is this the right thing to do at the precise moment when at the very least we need stability and consistency within our government.

So loud have been the calls that Boris Johnson has publicly urged Conservative MPs to back Theresa May continuing as Prime Minister, hailing the number of votes the Tories won as a “stunning achievement.” He is quoted as saying, “To those that say the PM should step down, or that we need another election or even – God help us – a second referendum, I say come off it. Get a grip, everyone.” The sentiment I think from him is for everyone to get on with it!

To me, Boris’s comments ring true (not that I agree with everything he says but on this occasion I do) and now is the time to take stock of where we are, work within the parameters of what we have and move forward. The country needs strong leadership, stability, consistency, and direction. There is a strong possibility that if the Prime Minister does not survive and the country does go back to the polls then confusion and uncertainty in UK Plc. will reign creating a lack of confidence and uncertainty within the UK economy – this something that cannot be allowed to happen.

Let’s not forget that the Conservatives won the general election and Labour lost. Although the government does not have an overall majority, the majority voted for a Tory government, and they must be allowed to govern to ensure that stability, confidence and certainty return quickly to the UK economy.

This last month has been a difficult one for the UK, not only the general election but also the tragic and senseless events of the Manchester bombing, Borough Market and the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower, North Kensington. My sincere condolences go the families of those who were lost or injured at these disasters, but once again this nation has shown that when the ‘chips’ are down that we come together and support each other.

To borrow Boris Johnsons quote, “We get a grip,” and then we get on with it – This why I am confident that over the coming months that as a nation we will face all challenges ‘head on’ and move forward.

Mark Temple


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