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King’s Cross Redevelopment

Argent LLP

The Site History

In 2000/1 Argent LLP was selected as the development partner for the regeneration of the King’s Cross area. After several years of consultation and community studies, a masterplan evolved and outline planning permission was granted. Gattica Associates Limited has enjoyed a successful long-term relationship on the prestigious King’s Cross Redevelopment For Argent LLP- from the early master planning stages to the present day.

Following the completion of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link in 1994 trains began running between Waterloo and Paris. However, the trains had to share tracks with local traffic between Waterloo and Kent which affected speed and reliability.

The Government decided in 1996 to invest in High Speed 1 which would provide a dedicated rail line to the Continent and the Eurostar terminus would transfer from Waterloo to St Pancras via East London.

This decision was the catalyst for the owners of St. Pancras (London & Continental Railways Limited and Excel (now DHL)) to develop the 67 acres of land to the north of King’s Cross Station. The area was an industrial heartland in Victorian times but since the end of WW2 the area went into decline and it had become an area of railways sidings, disused buildings, warehousing and contaminated land.

The Project Overview

The project overview is as follows:

  • 50 new buildings
  • 20 streets
  • 10 new major public spaces
  • 26 acres of open space – including a freshwater public bathing pond
  • The restoration and refurbishment of 19 historic buildings and structures (some listed)
  • The construction of 1900 homes from top-end apartments to affordable and supported housing, student flats and family homes
  • 3.4 million square feet of workspace
  • The UKs first man-made fresh water public bathing pond
  • Sustainable Community garden built using recycled materials mostly from the construction works

In 2008 Argent, London & Continental Railways and DHL formed a joint partnership King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership to become the single land owner at King’s Cross.

The Scope of Works

The scope of works is as follows:

Gattica has been involved with the Kings Cross project from the early planning through to the present day. Early infrastructure works began in June 2007 and Gattica continues to work there today and will do so until completion of the site works which is currently estimated at 2022.

The major utility works include:

  • Diversion, protection, disconnection and abandonments of utilities  both on and off site

  • Relocation of the largest gas governor in London

  • Network Rail consultation

  • Realignment and raising of (by 1m) of Goods Way and associated utility infrastructure

  • Design management of a full site- wide utility infrastructure network, including, water, gas, electric, comms and district heating

  • Project management overview of construction install of above networks

  • Close liaison and negotiation with adopter authorities and ESCO’s


“King’s Cross is the largest mixed use development in single ownership to be developed in Central London for over 150 years.

More than twenty historic buildings and structures have been creatively restored and given new uses – this is a big part of what
makes King’s Cross special and unique.”

Clare Hebbes
Project Director

A160 Port of Immingham Improvement Works / Gattica Associates

A160 Port of Immingham Improvement Works / Gattica Associates

A160 Port of Immingham Improvement Works / Gattica Associates

“Gattica’s role on King’s Cross has always been ‘can do’. Their collaborative and proactive management of the delivery of the utility infrastructure has been key to the success of this complex project.”

Richard Meier
Argent LLP.


“Gattica Associates Limited are Argent’s utility infrastructure consultants of choice.

They consistently deliver on all of
our major projects.”

Tony Giddings
Argent LLP

King’s Cross Redevelopment | Argent LLP

The benefits Gattica brought to the project

The following benefits were identified to the client within this project:

Gattica’s knowledge of the disconnection, diversion and new supply process has been invaluable in the smooth running of the Kings Cross Project. The site has remained Live since 2007 and as a result any diversions of existing utilities and placement of new infrastructure has had to be undertaken in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible, all the while ensuring that there is no break in service. In addition, all plant movements and crane works have had to be carefully considered in order to prevent any damage to buried or overhead services.

Negotiation has been a key factor in the success of the Kings Cross project, with so many third parties to consult, agree and assure, Gattica has been a vital decision broker throughout the project.

The Kings Cross development has employed the latest technology and innovation in order to be as energy efficient as possible. Gattica were instrumental in the installation of the Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP). The CHP uses gas engines to generate electricity. The heat generated from the engines is used to provide heating and hot water for the entire site, thus negating the need for individual boilers in each building, improving efficiency and lowering costs. This innovative energy use has contributed to the three completed buildings at Pancras Square being awarded a BREEAM ‘Oustanding’ rating.

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