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Smart Motorways Programme for Highways England

The Site History

Gattica Associates Limited are working on several projects within the Highways England Smart Motorways Programme The Smart Motorway schemes are part of the £15 billion government investment Highways England is delivering between 2015 and 2021. The scheme will see 292 extra lane miles added to motorways. The hard shoulder will be converted to a traffic lane, with signing and with technology indicating the speed to drive at, or if lanes are blocked or closed.

The Project Overview

The project overview is as follows:

  • Smart motorways use technology to actively manage the flow of traffic.
  • Upgrade of M1,M6 J13 to J15 to ‘4 lane/hard shoulder running
  • Extensive remodelling of carriageway construction
  • Demolition or upgrade of several existing bridges
  • Installation of new gantries, signage, cameras ERAs (Emergency Refuge Areas) and safety barrier
  • Upgrade and replacement of drainage
  • New integrated communication systems

The Scope of Works

The scope of works is as follows:

  • Identification of all utilities present within the Highway Boundary
  • Provision of  Existing Services Drawing inputted into a 3D model for the main highway/drainage/comms design
  • Liaison with utility companies based on requirements to abandon/divert/protect apparatus affected by works

What Gattica brought to the project

The following benefits to the client were brought to the project:

Liaison with utility providers from an early stage of the design period has allowed a different approach to be taken to the diversionary works. By mutual agreement with the utility companies affected by the proposed works it has been agreed that the C3/C4 applications will be made in three distinct phases:

Major structures (gantries, retaining walls and ERA’s)

Drainage, communications, safety barrier, re-alignment and re-surfacing


This approach has allowed the utility issues to be agreed as early as the design program has allowed. In addition, major structures have been moved to avoid diversionary works

Smart Motorways Programme for Highways England

“Gattica’s team have adopted a collaborative approach with us throughout the lifecycle of our work on the Smart Motorway Programme; key risks relating to the design interfaces between existing utilities and the provision of new infrastructure have been proactively managed, resulting in more efficient designs and a robust delivery programme. I look forward to continuing this successful working relationship, long-term.”

David Riley
Executive Director of Operations

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