The Approach

Health & Safety, Environment, Quality, People, Customer Service and Sustainability

We are passionate about our business and care deeply about what we do, the effect it has on those around us, and the environment that the company operates in.

In conjunction with our keyword business approach, company business ethos and processes are ones built on integrity. They are robust and resilient giving clients, employees and business partners, confidence and assurance that while working with or for the company, they will do so in a safe manner, that is driven by client satisfaction, quality of workmanship, and sustainable solutions.

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What People Say About Us

“We have been working with Gattica Associates on the largest European inner City redevelopment at King’s Cross. The project is very complex and is being designed and constructed in many phases and includes the installation of a completely new Infrastructure system to feed over 40 buildings. This also includes major district heating and an 11Kv network emanating from the central energy centre. The site infrastructure network has also had to include flood retention systems and the diversion of major London sewer networks. Gattica Associates have been working as part of the integrated team on site developing the master plan and then into the detailed construction design to allow the various Contractors to install the various works packages. Each works package is then recorded to ensure there is a full set of “As Installed” in an electronic format.

Gattica Associates role has been invaluable to the success of the project and their ability to work will all the team members has no doubt contributed to the ultimate success of the Development.”

John Rodaway – Account Director, Carillion Construction

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