About The Company

About The Company

Ask any consultancy, development or civil engineering company what their top 10 risks are for delivery of their project and it’s pretty much guaranteed that managing underground utility networks and their various owners will rank near the top. Utility companies (Statutory Undertakers) are normally outside direct project control. They are heavily regulated and work within rigorously enforced processes, procedures and timescales.  To many project teams, the SU’s are “an itch they can’t scratch “. 

In 2004, our founder and Director, Mark Temple founded Gattica Associates, to start working on that “itch”.

The intention was to become the ‘go to’ consultancy for all utility infrastructure matters with the aim of delivering a complete and comprehensive end-to-end service, across all disciplines of project utility infrastructure. By providing cost-effective, innovative and client-focussed solutions, we would deliver programme efficiencies and cost-savings.

We have grown steadily over the years, forming close relationships with many of our clients and in many cases formed strategic partnerships, to ensure an integrated approach.

We work across all sectors of the construction industry and UK wide. We are fortunate to feature alongside some of the biggest and best-known clients, developers, consultants and civil engineering companies, delivering utility infrastructure on some of the UKs largest and most prestigious projects.