Digital Design and Construction Conference

 27 March 2018
Digital Design and Construction Conference

Last week, a few members of the team at Gattica Associates Limited attended the Digital Design & Construction Conference 2018 at Ashridge House on Tuesday 20th March. The event was hosted by Cadline and the day focused on the digital strategies of the utilities and energy sector. The event was intended to communicate the future for utilities and energy sectors and how these industries are coping with a shift into a digital world.

Some of the key points taken from the day were that companies need to be more open to change, especially if they are to keep up with both their competitors and themselves.

As mentioned in previous news articles, Gattica Associates have been working on our BIM development by advancing our software packages and developing our BIM Protocol. This is so that we have a continuous and systematic workflow across all of our projects, ensuring that everything is issued correct to industry standards with a much greater accuracy.

We would like to thank Cadline for putting on the event and the various members from industry that presented on the day.

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