Our WIRS Design Accreditation

Gattica Associates is now certified under the Water Industry Registration Schemes to design water networks on behalf of its customers!

This Certification, which is required by UK water companies, allows self-lay companies, to undertake designs on behalf of developers for new water infrastructures…and this is where we hope Gattica can assist.

Gattica has a long-established and successful history in utilities and is supported by a significant in-house CAD resource. Our CAD team provides Stage 0 to 4 design, space planning and constraint reporting for all utilities. As part of our WIRS accreditation, we are reaching out to support businesses to provide professional design to enhance the services offered to contractor’s clients. In doing this, we hope will also give companies a competitive/commercial advantage when bidding for projects.

Now we have acquired this accreditation, we are offering our WIRS design services, without the risk of carrying the over-head costs required to support a CAD team such as software licenses and training. At Gattica, we would be happy to discuss how we could work with your business in a supporting design capability role, with no conflicts of interest where your core offerings are concerned. We as a company are excited for the new opportunities this will bring, and welcome you to contact us through the link below:

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