A14 Junction 55 Copdock Interchange

Engaged to assist during the early stages of design and optioneering. Advising all stakeholders on all elements of utilities that ay be affected
by the scheme.

As part of the project we provide up to date utility searches for the entire scheme, high level budget cost estimates and associated utility
clash drawings. Further analysis of the highest risk utilities was undertaken culminating in formal discussions and estimates from the
affected Statutory Undertakers for the options presented. Stage 2 has yet to commence.

Project Scope

Our Key Responsibilities

Undertake C2 searches of the scheme area to obtain utility maps from all of the stats’ that are affected within the project area. Production of a composite Existing Service Drawing (ESD) Model in AutoCAD in preparation for overlaying the scheme design options for the purpose of clash detections but also for issue tot he scheme designers for information / consideration as the detailed design developed. Development of a cost estimate tracker and associated clash models to identify the services that may be affected ross the scheme by the presented option alignments. Identification of the next steps and risks for input into site investigation plans or the scheme risk register respectively.

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