A66 North Transpennine Route

The project is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) which will implement improvements to the existing A66 between the M6 at Penrith and the A1(M) at Scotch Corner. The existing route is approximately 50 miles/80km long and consists of intermittently dualled sections and approximately 18 miles/30km of single carriageway.

The scheme comprises of upgrades to the existing single carriageway sections of the road to dual carriageway. The project will also deliver improvement to a number of junctions across the route, additionally there will be some minor improvements to the existing dual carriageway within some sections of the existing A66.

On completion the project will result in an approximate 50 mile/80km route with two lanes in both directions. This will significantly improve both journey times and increase safety and connectivity.

Project Scope

Our Key Responsibilities

Upon initial engagement Gattica’s scope and responsibilities were to conduct C2 searches and produce the first iteration of an Existing Services Drawing (ESD) and identify the ‘high risk’ utility apparatus within each of the schemes and advise the client project team. Gattica then established contact with the various Statutory Undertakers to set up kick off meetings and to provide feedback to the project team and individual schemes on the necessary steps required to mitigate the potential risks associated with the apparatus.

As the project developed Gattica conducted several C2 refreshes as the overall design developed reached maturity, as well as cost trackers for
each individual scheme.

Gattica continued to liaise on behalf of the client with SUs and progress the development of early works/ Concept Design Studies for high-risk utilities including national gas feeders, 400Kv overhead national infrastructure power lines and an ethanol pipeline. During the project Gattica were engaged with the project team in the development of early works strategy documentation and early engagement with the Delivery Integration Partners (DIPs).

C3 applications and issuing of returns were also part of Gattica scope. Gattica then produced the Statutory Undertakers Diversions (SUD) up to C3 stage prior to hand over to the project team & DIPs.

During Gattica’s tenure on the project attendance on multiple meetings with all levels of the project team and National
Highways was undertaken.

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