Leeds Mass Transit

This project entails the development of a new mass transit system for West Yorkshire, which will be a key element, linking communities with a quick and reliable service integrated with the provision of updated cycling, walking, bus and rail routes.

As part of the project Gattica provide up to date utility searches for the entire scheme which covers a search area of circa 36 kilometre and digitising the returns into the five scheme corridors with the Existing Service Drawing (ESD).

Project Scope

Our Key Responsibilities

  • Undertake C2 searches of the scheme area to obtain utility maps from all of the Statutory Undertakers that are affected within the project area
  • Production of a composite Existing Service Drawing (ESD) Model in AutoCAD in preparation for overlaying the scheme design options for
    the purpose of clash detections but also for issue to the scheme designers for information/consideration as the detailed design developed
  • The Composite Existing Service Drawing (ESD) included details for five proposed corridors/routes over significant distances in preparation for
    the next stage of works (route designs)
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