Dagenham Green

The development land originally formed part of the Ford Motor Company Plant in Dagenham. The area originally housed the Car Body Press Shop that produced vehicle panels for distribution to its vehicle assembly operations. The client (Peabody) acquired the 18.74ha site which had been decommissioned by Ford in 2012. The new development will provide c.3,200 new homes alongside a new railway station, schools and other associated uses.

Project Scope

Our Key Responsibilities

Gattica were initially engaged to undertake the RIBA Stage 2 masterplan and then Stage 3 developed design for the utility infrastructure requirements.  This included calculation of the sitewide loads for each of the new accommodation structures and then making applications to secure the required capacities with the local Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s). On successful completion of the Stage 3 design, the client increased the Gattica scope to include procurement of the utility infrastructures for Electricity, Gas and Water through the appointment of a suitable ICP and Asset Adopting Authority. Following completion of this requirement, Peabody then appointed Gattica in a Client Management role to support and advise the client during the design and construction phase of the utility infrastructures.

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