King’s Cross

In 2000/2001, Argent LLP was selected as the development partner for the area. After several years of consultation and community studies a masterplan evolved, outline planning permission was granted for the following.

Project Scope

Our Key Responsibilities

Gattica were engaged from the outset of the project to manage all aspects of the planning, design, procurement and delivery project management of both the existing and new utility infrastructure networks. Working alongside the client and design teams, with all utility companies and stakeholders, to date we have delivered more than £200m of utility infrastructure works.
These include:

  • Diversion, protection, disconnection and abandonments of utilities no longer required
  • Relocation of the largest gas governor in London
  • Network rail consultation
  • Consultation with English Heritage for any excavation works, as the area is historically sensitive
  • Realignment and raising of Goods Way and associated utility infrastructure
  • Road junction improvements to the York Way, Goods Way and Pancras Road area and associated utility infrastructure
  • Planning, design, procurement and delivery management of the installation of the development wide utility networks and new supplies
  • Construction and fit out of the 60MVA Primary Substation and the CHP Energy Centre
  • Granting of the first potable water “Inset” licence in London
  • Installation of site wide fire protection sprinkler main to feed multiple buildings
  • Integrated Fibre Communications Network to support the new businesses (incl. Google, BNP Paribas Real Estate, University of the Arts London, Guardian Media Group and the London Borough of Camden)
  • In addition to Statutory Authorities and Utility Providers, liaise with third parties in order to protect their infrastructures (incl. Transport for London, Eurostar, Network Rail, East Coast Mainline, Thameslink, Canal Trist, London Borough of Camden and English Heritage)

Gattica have been involved with the Kings Cross project from the early planning through to the present day. Early infrastructure works began in June 2007 and Gattica continues to work there today and will do so until completion of the site works which is currently estimated at 2022.

Gattica knowledge of the disconnection, diversion and new supply process has been invaluable in the smooth running of the Kings Cross Project. The site has remained live since 2007 and as a result any diversions of existing utilities and placement of new infrastructure has had to be undertaken in a timely manner with as little disruption as possible, all the while ensuring that there is no break in service. In addition, all plant movements and crane works have had to be carefully considered in order to prevent any damage to buried or overhead services.

Negotiation has been a key factor in the success of the Kings Cross project, with so many third parties to consult, agree and assure, Gattica Associates have been a vital decision broker throughout the project.

The Kings Cross development has employed the latest technology and innovation in order to be as energy efficient as possible. Gattica were instrumental in the installation of the Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP). The CHP uses gas engines to generate electricity. The heat generated from the engines is used to provide heating and hot water for the entire site, thus negating the need for individual boilers in each building, improving efficiency and lowering costs. This innovative energy use has contributed to the three completed buildings at Pancras Square being awarded a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.

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