Cost Planning

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Utility cost planning on a project is essential. However, this element of the projects cost plan and budget is often misrepresented, widely over valued and mismanaged. Be it diversion costs for high voltage overhead power lines or high pressure gas mains to the costs for new service connections and metering costs - they will all form part of the project cost plan and have a great bearing on a projects budget and profitability.

Because of this we treat each utility diversion, abandonment, new connection etc as individual items, but with a view that they all form part of the cost plan.  Therefore, their influence and bearing on a cost plan can be managed accordingly.  

We achieve this by doing the following

  • Early Engagement
  • Open dialogue with Asset owners
  • Residual risk assessment
  • Budget and Formal quotations
  • Design led solutions
  • Competitive tendering
  • Utility provider recommendations
  • Challenge and verify statutory quotations for upgrades and betterment
  • Value engineering

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