We are here to help you with your utility infrastructure needs

Existing utility infrastructure can create a major risk to a project.

We have a proven track record of working with clients, consultants, contractors and utility companies to manage the risks
through workable solutions.

Existing Utility Apparatus/C2 Searches
Existing Utility Apparatus/C2 Searches

Gattica can undertake a comprehensive search of all known utility infrastructure within a client’s area of interest/boundary.

• Thorough searches are undertaken and catalogued on an affected / non affected basis
• All requests for utility records are managed until a response has been received as either affected or not affected
• Records are reviewed to ensure clarity of detail & legibility
• Compliant PAS128 QLD responses are collated into a logical and referenced file format for issue digitally
•Issued packages of data assist in ensuring clients comply with safety requirements under CDM regulations

Received records can be digitalised in various formats including the latest CAD version or dynamic drawings (PDF) as folders and work packs.

Existing Services Drawings (ESD)
Existing Services Drawings (ESD)

The existing utility services are representative of a desktop survey (PAS128 QLD) and reflect the Statutory Undertakers plans as they are depicted. Data is collected from relevant affected providers and is digitised into CAD format by displaying all known utility apparatus. The layered mapping is delivered in several digital formats. Gattica operates to guidance outlined within the latest industry standards. Each utility asset type is defined as an individual layer detailing one of the following:

• Status of services
• Nature of the system
• Disconnections/abandonment drawings
• Asset owner within layer name

Due Diligence Reports
Due Diligence Reports

Gattica use the latest desktop information tools, search engines, utility owner data, and site survey technologies to determine all existing utility networks and apparatus contained within and in close proximity to a project boundary. Based on the information received and detailed multilayer utility mapping, Gattica are able to interrogate, and report on the constraints/risks that emerge from the data, for the apparatus present on a site.

This may include:
• Utility apparatus clashing/constrained by new project designs
• Local networks capacities for new supply points of connections and reinforcements
• Legal issues with constraints, easements, wayleaves, and leases

Gattica also give advice, including breakdown of costs and timescales for all aspects of engagement with the network/apparatus owners.

Utility Clash Detection (UCD)
Utility Clash Drawing (UCD)

Data received from existing apparatus searches are collated within a tracker, detailing who are either affected or non affected by the scheme. This information is then clash-checked against a project’s multiple intervention layout options. Gattica are able to interrogate and report on the opportunities and risks that emerge from this data, for example, anticipated programme durations and costs for managing the various solutions for the clashes.

Cost / Programme & Planning
Cost/Programme & Planning

Utility diversion & protection works can form a significant percentage of a schemes budget. Using an internal database
of costing information gathered from years of close relationships with Statutory Undertakers, paired with the experience of the
Gattica in-house specialists, they are able to:

• Provide indicative programme durations based on experience or similar schemes
• Provide likely utility diversion or protection costs
connections and reinforcements
• Provide guidance with regards to the next steps including focused survey or where required interface with potentially affected SU’s specifically where high-risk plant is affected

Diversion / Relocation / Protection Management
Diversion/Relocation/Protection Management

Through discussions with the project design teams and the utility apparatus owners, project interfaces and clashes can be managed to best suit all parties. Whether this is via diversion, protection, or relocation of an asset.

Gattica have been managing the following for many years:

• Identification of affected apparatus (NRSWA C2 searches)
• Feasibility studies to minimise impact of apparatus/project constraints and
providing design solutions
• Engagement with utility apparatus owners for both budget design (NRSWA C3)
and detail design (NRSWA C4)
• Advice on contestable and non-contestable works
• Guidance on protection works
• Producing diversion drawings (2D/3D)
• Advice on legal requirements for relocation of apparatus and enclosures

2D/3D Modelling

Our 2D design process

Subject to the project scope, Gattica will produce a 2D representation based on the emerging data from utility records, network alterations, and as built drawings. All models produced include the reference files, frames, and notes; In conjunction with a specific line types to convey information is presented in a clear and concise manner.

What 3D design can help with

Regardless of complexity, Gattica 3D models can be created from any data source. They can be used for 3D spatial co-ordination, scheduling, and clash detection purposes within a federated BIM Model (Project Information Model).

Space Planning/Clash Detection
Space Planning/Clash Detection

Reviewing designs as a project team provides early stakeholder and client engagement as well as a structured process for capturing and addressing design issues and technical queries.

The aim of the clash checking element of the Design Review process is to utilise automatic interference checking software to resolve design interferences between the elements, particularly between different design disciplines, so that coordination errors on site are minimised.

Gattica can take other discipline design elements into consideration whilst space planning utility infrastructure. Advise can be given to other disciplines with regards to required offsets from existing, diverted and new utility infrastructure. Where space is at a premium Gattica can provide guidance with regards to utility placement and where necessary arrange the required agreements or further guidance from Statutory Undertakers.

Additional Services

Gattica can provide additional services to further improve the progression of the delivery of your project.


Existing and new utility infrastructure, comes
with a myriad of legal constraints. Gattaca’s in-depth and knowledge experience is widely
used by clients.


Technical Assurance for a project’s utility design, costing, programming, and delivery is a role more and more clients are now relying on.


This role may take the form of an employer’s agent or client monitoring role, liaising with
all parties to ensure the best delivery of the construction phase.


All as built information is prepared in accordance with the relevant Adopting Authorities standards.


The commercial team have specialist knowledge of managing all aspects of commercial arrangements on existing apparatus and for new supply networks.


Gattica adopts BIM methodology through the whole life cycle of a project by creating and managing information that meets ISO 19650 series requirements. Efficiency is achieved by enabling consistency, optimising time management and strategic decision-making.

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