Trayana Toteva
Project Lead

Trayana Toteva

Trayana’s role involves the coordination of the utility infrastructure in complex highway and civil engineering projects. She is an integral part of the team and has an extensive knowledge of utilities in relation to highways projects. Her CAD capabilities assist her in coordinating and procuring the utility infrastructure.

Trayana demonstrates a wide range of knowledge of the highways and civil engineering industry which translate into holistic solutions for many challenging projects. Having graduated with a BEng. Hons. in civil engineering from the University of Portsmouth, she is now furthering her studies into BIM and is currently undertaking a Master’s degree.

Trayana has worked on such projects as the A428 and A12; managing the high level diversions matrix and cost plans. These were then used as an integral part of the decision making for the schemes preferred routes. She has also led the Kings Cross adoption strategy for the new networks built to supply Kings Cross. 

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